Props to the life that was given to me

I know that for some it has not come as easily

We fight to endure it

Try to find the strength to survive it

We have no say in it

Continue to wallow in the pain of it 

Beating our heads against the wall, the toile and the strain of it

It speaks to the heart of something darker within me

Acceptance eventually comes only when I surrender to the spite that has planted its dark seed

Trying to find softness but lacking the comfort of security

I can’t help feeling like a casualty

Was it an illusion of graduator to think that I could have more 

The sting of regret that perhaps I have not yet opened the right door

Haze creeps in and I find myself laying flat on the floor

In the aftermath I am amazed that it is still me trying to give more

I take the broken pieces and instead of spewing shards of hate 

I churn them into golden honey

Sweet to the taste